The level of uniqueness on this latest release by Peter Xifaras is miles ahead of anything seen thus far this century, not only has the composer created something deeply special and incredibly meaningful, he has also manifested something that pulls the attention of the project towards the listener, and never lets it go until the end.

Music that has inspired stories throughout the ages and writing words to the images that the music raises, this is so familiar to me as not only a writer, but as a poet as well, as this is something I have done and felt through most of my life and at last the artist with his team have brought something into this world that is musical symphonic, and will allow the mind to manifest its own imagery to wander within.

Two amazing discs give the listener a chance to either bathe in the pool of warming music, and may I add with regard to the Violin segments here, they were stunning and reminded me in energy and tone of a Vaughn Williams composition, or we can listen to the narration of Joan Jacobs whose mesmeric voice will lead us hand in hand along this path of bliss, while the vocals of Felicia Farerre, will lift our spirits along the way.

Music That Tells a Story by Symphonex Orchestra is one those albums that you will find eats into your very psyche and never lets you go; there is so much here to enjoy. The inspirational works of Erik Satie and the Gymnopédie Variations being one that I adored completely, but there is much to explore and dream within on this release. Peter Xifaras must be applauded for creating a certain uniqueness in music that has it all, perfect compositions recorded with such quality it is a delight to sample, soft, but extremely memorable melodies that literally rain with emotive pleasure, and all wrapped up in such a beautiful tapestry of sound, tone and narration, this must be a potential future award winning album, if there is any justice in this musical world.

- Steve Sheppard,