“He combines delicate single-note melodies with harmonics, and intersperses chords with quick, melodic classical runs that fit together with tremendous cohesion.” - Guitar Player Magazine

“I must also confess to an unfathomable desire to listen to the symphonic rock classic ‘Close To the Edge’ by Yes almost every time I hear Peter’s music. And yes Martha, that is a very good thing.” - WWSP 90FM

“Peter Xifaras treats us to a wonderful collection of works with familiar classical themes that serve as points of departure as he explores delightfully original variations.” - Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine

“This is also pretty sexy stuff. Peter may wish to consider labeling CDs with a winking warning: Caution, the music of Peter Xifaras may lead to heavy petting.” - Providence Monthly Magazine

“A variety of instrumentation and styles makes Peter’s music an innovative ambient adventure into a richly textured musical world as all forms of music, from Flamenco to Classical effortlessly glide across the sound stage.” - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

“Style-wise you will find music from neo-classical to renaissance...all played with heart born of love and talent. Peter's guitar (and keyboard) playing is technically expert and musically superb.” - Metaphysical Reviews