Trammell Starks


  - (guest artist) Synth

Trammel Starks has worked in a broad spectrum of musical environments such as: accompanying R&B artists such as Roberta Flack, Peabro Bryson, Patti LaBelle and Jennifer Holliday, producing hundreds of albums as VP of Product Development at Platinum, and supervising the releases of artists as diverse as the San Diego Symphony, the rock band Kansas, and the London Symphony Orchestra.

As a founding member of the Taliesin Orchestra, the band's music achieved remarkable success on the Billboard charts at #1 and was awarded Best Indie Classical Crossover album of the year. Trammell is also known for the music he has created & produced for the Weather Channel.

Currently, in addition to releasing his own music, Trammell is working with a wide range of artists at his studio, StudioMagic Recording Studio.

Album credits: 'Music That Tells a Story' - synth