Peter combines delicate single-note melodies with harmonics, and intersperses chords with quick, melodic classical runs that fit together with tremendous cohesion - Mike Varney, Guitar Player Magazine
Award winning guitarist and composer Peter Xifaras has completely exploded the music spectrum with this totally stunning, amazing double CD album, blending classical, symphony, and electronica together to create something magical, inspiring and all enveloping. - Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews
Peter Xifaras treats us to a wonderful collection of works with familiar classical themes that serve as points of departure as he explores delightful variations - John Schroeter, Fingerstyle Guitar

The musical genius behind this genre bending set of musical stories is guitarist/composer  Peter Xifaras, and it’s unquestionably the strongest blend of orchestral fusion aural adventure that I’ve heard yet - Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
A variety of instrumentation and styles makes Peter’s music an innovative world adventure as all forms of music, from Flamenco to Classical effortlessly glide across the fret board - Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar
The music is gorgeous, and it is beautifully arranged. Great mix, it has real depth and presence. It’s an imaginative and appealing concept ! - Kim Maerkl, Atlantic Crossing Records

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